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Spain Regions

Spain Regions

Spain & Portugal Travel Connection makes it is easy to venture and explore the diverse scenery, history, culture, arts, architecture and cuisine of regional Spain. From the hilly landscape and pilgrim routes of Galicia to the historic cities of the Andalucia region, discover the beautiful regional Spain.

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  • The interior of Galicia is characterized by its hilly landscape. The coastal areas are mostly alternating series of valleys and cliffs. Its capes, such as those of Finisterra, Tourinan and Vilan, jut out into a wild ocean of constantly choppy waters.

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  • Discover Asturias, known as Green Spain, the region is recognised for its beautiful scenery and beautiful beaches.

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  • The Basque Country has a strong focus on cuisine, cultural traditions and a distinct language. The La Rioja region is well-known for its wine production, mainly around Haro. Seven varieties are produced here (four red and three white) and more wine is exported from this region than any other in Spain.

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  • Andalusia is located in the southwest of Spain known for its diverse culture and heritage. It is the second largest in area of Spain's autonomous communities. It is home to some of the world's most beautiful monuments and well-preserved landmarks.

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  • Costa Brava is a coastal region located in the northeast of Spain. It is packed with beaches, coves, rocky cliffs and beautiful gardens.

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Spain Regions

Planning on staying longer in Spain? Spain & Portugal Travel Connection recommends you to visit the other regions of Spain. Each region has something to offer travellers whether its history, architecture, monuments, landscape, cuisine or art.

Spain & Portugal Travel Connection provides you comprehensive information about regional Spain – from the pilgrim routes in Galicia, the wine region of La Rioja, the beaches of Basque and the historic monuments in Andalucia.

Galicia is located in the northwest of Spain characterized by its hilly landscape. Its capital, Santiago de Compostela is known as a pilgrim destination to most tourists.

Asturias is brimming with beautiful scenery with its mountains and coastlines.

La Rioja is a province in northern Spain, famed its wine production.

The Basque Country is known for its cuisine, cultural traditions and distinct language. Navarra is a diverse region, dotted with historical cities including Pamplona, known for its annual running of the bulls.

The Andalucia region is in the southwest of Spain. Andalucia is popular for its rich history, culture, beautiful monuments and excellent food. The region boasts numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites such as the Alhambra Palace located in Granada.

Discover an extensive portfolio of accommodation from hotels to the beautiful paradores. Choose from our wide range of regional tours and activities – escorted tours, walking tours, cycling tours, cooking classes and more.

For your convenience, our experts have put together great packages which includes accommodation, transfers and tours. Alternatively, you can create your very own regional itinerary by combining elements of interests from our products.

Contact our team today to book your regional Spain accommodation, tour or package.

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