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Experience our Madrid tours and learn more about the city's history and artistic heritage. Spain & Portugal Travel Connection offers city tours, local experiences, active tours and shows. Contact our team today to book your Madrid tour.

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  • Discover the vibrant capital of Spain, Madrid. With its preserved architecture, beautiful gardens, world-class museums and art galleries, Madrid is a must-visit city when you are travelling to Spain.

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  • Do you want to eat, drink or cook like a local? Try our fantastic Madrid local tours will take you to the best tapas bar in the city and a local market. If you love cooking, try one of of our cooking classes and learn and the art and secrets of Spanish cuisine. Contact our team today to book a local tour in Madrid.

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  • Explore Madrid in a unique and fun way - via a walking tour, a Segway tour or a bike tour. Contact our team today to book your tour.

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  • Enjoy the best flamenco shows in Madrid. You can also the art by joining a master class. Contact the Spain & Portugal Travel Connection to book a class or a show.

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