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Cities & Regions

Cities & Regions

Travel to the most beautiful regions and cities of Portugal and discover the diverse culture, beautiful landscape, historic landmarks and more. Each region has something to offer to everyone whether you're a first-time traveller of frequent visitor of the country.

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  1. 14-Day Treasures of Portugal

    14-Day Treasures of Portugal

    Discover Portugal's old world charm on this 14-day tour and cruise. Explore Portugal's rich history and culture on this tour.

    7-Night Douro Cruise: Spirit of Chartwell
    Accommodation at Pestana Vintage Porto or similar
    Accommodation at Portugal Boutique Hotel in Lisbon or similar
    13 from AU$5,325 Per Person
  2. 16-Day Treasures of Portugal with Algarve Extension

    16-Day Treasures of Portugal with Algarve Extension

    An exciting opportunity to explore what Portugal has to offer! Explore century-old cities and landmarks, cruise on the historic Douro River and more.

    7-Night Douro Cruise: Spirit of Chartwell
    Accommodation at Pestana Vintage Porto or similar
    Accommodation at Portugal Boutique Hotel in Lisbon or similar
    15 from AU$6,100 Per Person
  3. Portimao 3-night Package

    Portimao Package | Located in Portimao

    Explore the historic city of Portimao with this 3-night package.

    3-night accommodation at Hotel Da Rocha
    3 from AU$720 Per Person
  4. Evora Culture & Gourmet Package

    Evora Culture & Gourmet Package | Located in Evora

    3-night accommodation at Hotel M’Ar Ar Muralhas
    3 from AU$632 Per Person
  5. Evora Historic & Traditional Package

    Evora Historic & Traditional Package | Located in Evora

    Discover this historic city at your leisure on our 3-night Evora package

    3-night accommodation at Hotel Pousada Convento de Evora
    3 from AU$845 Per Person
  6. Faro & Beyond Package

    Faro & Beyond Package | Located in Faro

    Explore the historic city of Seville and the charming city of Faro with this 3-night package.

    4-night accommodation at Hotel Eva
    3 from AU$263 Per Person
  7. Lagos Historic & Tradition Package

    Lagos History & Tradition Package | Located in Lagos

    4-night accommodation at Tivoli Lagos
    4 from AU$307 Per Person
  8. Lisbon by Food

    Lisbon by Food | Located in Lisbon

    4-night accommodation at Expo Astoria Hotel
    4 from AU$762 Per Person
  9. Funchal Island Adventure Package

    Funchal Island Adventure Package | Located in Funchal

    Discover Funchal with our 3-night, Island Adventure package.

    3-night accommodation at The Vine Hotel
    3 from AU$836 Per Person
  10. 3-night Guimarães Package

    Guimarães Package | Located in Guimarães

    Spend an unforgettable holiday in Northern Portugal with this 3-night Guimaraes package. Explore the birthplace of Portugal,Guimaraes and the Douro Valley.

    3-night accommodation at Hotel Da Oliveira
    3 from AU$455 Per Person
  11. A Taste of Coimbra Package

    A Taste of Coimbra Package | Located in Coimbra

    3-night accommodation at Quinta das Lagrimas
    Coimbra by Night
    Coimbra Step by Step
    3 from AU$600 Per Person
  12. Coimbra & Beyond Package

    Coimbra & Beyond Package | Located in Coimbra

    Learn about the history of Portugal in Coimbra wtih our Coimbra & Beyond package.

    3-night accommodation at Quinta Das Lagrimas
    Coimbra by Night
    3 from AU$930 Per Person
  13. Six Senses Discovery Explorer Package

    Six Senses Explorer Package | Located in Douro Valley

    4-night accommodation at Six Senses Hotel
    4 from AU$1,384 Per Person
  14. Lisbon and Beyond Package

    Lisbon and Beyond Package | Located in Lisbon

    This 4-night package includes accommodation at Dom Carlos Park, daily breakfast, return private transfer, tours of Sintra and other landmarks in Fatima, Obidos, and Nazare.

    4-night accommodation at Rossio Garden Hotel
    4 from AU$910 Per Person
  15. Lisbon Discovery Package

    Lisbon Discovery Package | Located in Lisbon

    Discover the history and culture of Lisbon, then travel to the charming city of Evora.

    Classic Lisbon Half-Day Tour
    2-night accommodation at Lisboa Plaza
    2 from AU$420 Per Person
  16. Porto Discovery Package

    Porto Discovery Package | Located in Porto

    Discover the charming city of Porto with our 2-night package which includes private transfers, accommodation, daily breakfast and tours.

    Porto with Fado By Night
    2-night accommodation at Hotel da Bolsa
    2 from AU$430 Per Person
  17. Porto & Beyond Package

    Porto & Beyond Package | Located in Porto

    Discovery the majestic landscape of the Douro Valley and its river with this fantastic, 3-night package.

    Douro Valley Wine Tour
    Minho Full Day Tour
    4-nights at Grande Hotel do Porto
    4 from AU$885 Per Person
  18. Funchal Island Discovery Package

    Funchal Island Discovery Package | Located in Funchal

    Explore the beautiful capital of region of Madeira, Funchal with our 4-night package.

    4-night accommodation at Funchal Design Hotel
    4 from AU$470 Per Person
  19. Sao Miguel Island Escape Package

    Sao Miguel Island Escape Package | Located in Sao Miguel

    Discover beautiful island of Acores with our Island Escape package. This includes a 3-night accommodation in Ponta Delgada

    3-night accommodation at Azor Hotel
    3 from AU$586 Per Person
  20. Douro Gourmet Experience

    Douro Gourmet Experience | Located in Douro Valley

    Indulge your taste buds with our 3-night Gourmet Experience package in the Douro Valley region. This region has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Enjoy wine tastings in the heart of Douro Valley.

    2-night accommodation at Quinta do Vallado
    2 from AU$724 Per Person
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