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You can purchase additional car accessories for your self-drive holiday - from child seat to roof bars. You must pre-book and pre-pay for the accessories before your trip.

Car Accessories

There are plenty of car accessories you can choose from for your self-drive holiday whether you are travelling with family or friends. These accessories are tested and passed the European standards. Accessories include child seat, snow chain, roof bar and GPS.

Child Seat

Select a seat based on your child's weight. Child seats are not to be returned as they are being purchased by the customer. You may refer to the following guide: 

Child Seat Price in AUD
Romber Baby Safe (0-13 kgs) $336
Romer Duo (9-18 kgs) $595
Kiddy Cruiser Fix Pro (15-36 kgs) $351

Romber Baby Safe

Romer Baby Safe Weight Recommendation: From 0-13 kgs
Position: Rear-facing, in the rear of vehicle only
Installation: Fixed by a safety belt

Romer Duo 

Romer Duo Weight Recommendation: From 9-18 kgs
Position: Forward-facing, in the rear of vehicle only
Installation: Fixed by a safety belt

Kiddy Cruiser Fix Pro 

 Kiddy Cruiser Fix Pro Weight Recommendation: From 15-36kgs
Position: Forward-facing, in the rear of vehicle only
Installation: Fixed by a safety belt 

Snow Chains

Snow chains are fitted to the tyres of vehicles to ensure maximum traction when driving through snow. When you purchase snow chains, they are delivered in a carrying case. This product includes one pair of snow chains, a pair of protective gloves for fitting and one mat.

We strongly recommend that you check the tension of the chains once in a while, and re-tension them if needed. Replace any chain links that are torn, as it could cause a rupture and damage the vehicle.

Snow chains are are not to be returned to Peugeot Sodexa.

Peugeot Model Price in AUD
208 Economy & Pack $162
208 Select $276
2008 Pack Petrol Manual & Pack Diesel Manual $162 
2008 Semi-Automatic ETG, Pack & Grip Edition $177 
308 $177 
308SW  $177 
3008 Pack & Grip Edition  $192
3008 Select  $185 
508 $192 
508SW $192 
4008  $369 
5008  $177 
Partner Tepee $177 
Expert Teepee n/a 

Roof Bars

If you are carrying bulky items such as bicyles, canoes and your luggage, you may purchase roof bars. They are delivered without straps and covered protection.

For vehicles without roof rails, the bars are installed using fastening screws positioned between the door joint and roof. When the doors are closed, the fastening screws are thus hidden. The structure allows a carrying load of 50 kilos. For vehicles with roof rails, the roof bars are fixed to the rails.

Roof bars are not to be returned to Peugeot Sodexa. 

Pegugeot Model Price in AUD
208 $220
2008 $229
308 $246
308SW $232
3008 $230
508 $256
508SW $256
4008 $301 
5008 $227 
Partner Tepee  $200 
Expert Tepee n/a 



GPS Unit

Most Peugeot vehicles are already equipped with a built-in GPS unit and a Bluetooth telephone link. Vehicles that do not include a built-in GPS unit are: Peugeot 208 Economy Petrol, Peugeot 208 Economy Diesel and the Partner Economy Diesel.

We recommend that you download and read an English copy before collecting your vehicle. Download the the GPS user guide for models: 208, 3008 and 5008 here. Download the guide for Peugeot 2008 here, the 308 & 308sw here, the 508 & 508sw here and for the Expert here.

You can travel across Europe as 36 countries are mapped and recorded in the built-in GPS unit. These countries include: Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Vatican and UK.

Most Renault vehicles are also equipped with GPS unit. Download the coverage guide here.

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