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Spain and Portugal Blog

Spain and Portugal Blog

  • Training for Camino de Santiago

    Camino de Santiago is a popular pilgrimage in Spain and Portugal. It’s done by travelling through the ancient pathways leading to the shrine of the apostle Saint James. There are several ways this can be undertaken such as taking a tour van, riding a bike, or the more traditional way of walking the entire way. There... Read More »

  • A Look at Spanish Wine: Basic Facts about Vinos

      Spain sprung up on the fertile cheek of Earth, becoming home to more than 900,000 hectares of vineyards. Save for this blessed geography, its people have also developed methods to adapt to varied and extreme climate of some regions, turning Spain into the 3rd largest wine producer in the world, next to Ital... Read More »

  • Toledo: 6 Incredible Sights in the Imperial City

    Dramatically rising on a hill above the Tagus River, the historic walled city of Toledo is a magnificent picture that brings visitors back to bygone eras right at first sight. Toledo was the imperial capital and main seat of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, and thus a prominent centre of art, culture and commerce in ... Read More »

  • The 7 Most Charming Cities in Portugal that You Must Visit

    Some countries lull you into taking it easy while others greet you with sensory feasts. Then there are those that just fire up your wanderlust right off the bat and inspire you to hit the road and get your feet moving. Portugal is one such country. Lisbon’s vibrant mix of old and new might have charmed you, but the c... Read More »

  • What are Solares of Portugal?

    Natural beauty meets timeless luxury in Portugal’s solares. If the usual hotel setup has lost its charm on you and you’re out for something unique and authentic, it might be high time for you to book a stay in one of the stunning solares that dot Portugal from north to south. But what are they? Solares de Portu... Read More »

  • Welcome to Madrid! Spain’s Golden Metropolis

    No other place on earth celebrates life as vividly as the beguiling capital of Spain, Madrid. Music, art and food form the fabric of daily life in the city, seducing people to let go, take it easy and just enjoy the best things in life. Crisscrossed by cobblestone pedestrian streets and dotted by sprawling palaces, n... Read More »

  • Live Like a King: 10 Gorgeous Pousadas of Portugal

    Ever imagined what it was like to be a king, duke or even a lowly baron centuries ago when the crown’s power was absolute in Portugal? Think majestic castles, elaborate banquets, opulent carriages and week-long festivities. Royals and nobles of old sure had it nice and sweet, and for most common folk like us such i... Read More »

  • Pintxos: San Sebastian’s Treats on Sticks

    Food is indeed life in San Sebastian. Known in Basque as Donostia, the vibrant coastal city of San Sebastian is the culinary capital of Spain, playing host to countless bars and cafes and rivalling Kyoto in Japan for the world’s highest concentration of Michelin-starred restaurants per capita. In fact, the highest nu... Read More »

  • Legend & Luxury: The Paradores of Spain

    Past and present meld together beautifully in Spain’s gorgeous paradores. When the Spanish government tasked the Marquis de la Vega Inclan in 1910 to create a hotel infrastructure to house travellers, they actually kick-started a national effort to save properties from ruin and abandonment. The first parador, Parad... Read More »

  • The 8 Most Interesting Places You Must See in Lisbon

    Old meets new in the vibrant, majestic capital of Portugal. Lisbon or Lisboa, known as the oldest city in Western Europe with history predating Rome and Paris by centuries and the second oldest in the world after Athens, enchants travellers with its pastel-coloured buildings, Gothic structures, domed cathedrals and a... Read More »

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